Using Our Materials

To ensure respectful and appropriate use of the creative content published on our Moments page, we have established guidelines for your reference:

The material featured on the Moments page may be utilized non-commercially for worship and group activities without requiring written permission from the writer. However, if you photocopy or print any material for such purposes, please ensure full acknowledgment of the source and report your usage to CCLI or other relevant copyright organizations.

For any commercial use of material from the Moments page, written permission must be obtained directly from the author/artist. Requests should be addressed in advance to Vaughan Park Anglican Retreat Centre, PO Box 89 085, Torbay, Auckland City 0742, New Zealand. We will facilitate your request by forwarding it to the respective author/artist.

We recognize the significance of copyright protection for all creative works and appreciate the conscientious and honest use of our materials by those who engage with them. Your consideration and integrity are valued – thank you for your respect and support.