Your support in fundraising for these projects will help Vaughan Park continue to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for all who visit. Thank you for considering contributing to these important improvements.

Here is the current list of elements that funds raised will go towards upgrading at Vaughan Park:

  1. Air conditioning units for meeting rooms - Enhancing comfort and productivity during meetings and events.
  2. New curtains for Clare House and then filtering through the rest of the Centre - Improving privacy and ambiance in our accommodations.
  3. Mattress upgrades - Providing better sleep quality and comfort for our guests.
  4. Marae-style sleeping items (mattresses, duvets, pillows) - Enhancing accommodations for larger groups and retreats.
  5. Upgrade of conference tables - Improving functionality and appearance in our meeting rooms.
  6. Upgrade of conference chairs - Providing ergonomic and comfortable seating for conference attendees.
  7. Bedding upgrades - Enhancing the quality and comfort of bedding throughout Vaughan Park.
  8. Outdoor furniture - Creating inviting and functional outdoor spaces for relaxation and gatherings.
  9. Chapel seating - Improving comfort and accessibility during chapel services and events.
  10. Chair covers - Enhancing the appearance and durability of our seating options.