Advent Reflections and Resources

1 June 2017

  • Candle of Joy

    The Rev. Maren Tirabassi 1 June 2017

    A teenager with magenta hair,
    pierced eyebrows,
    jean jacket over
    the tilt of shoulder... more»
  • The Deep Well of Salvation

    The Rev. Dr. Rebecca Button Prichard 1 June 2017

    Over the years, I have visited deep wells, holy wells throughout Wales and Ireland and Scotland. In these places clear water springs forth from within the earth. This is the water of salvation, of healing, of cleansing, of baptism, of memory, of hope. more»
  • Reflections on the Virgin Birth

    The Ven. Dr. Ellen Clark-King 1 June 2017

    This is the importance of the virgin birth - not that it exalts virginity over sexual activity but that it allows Mary the space to respond to herself. more»
  • Your Kingdom Come

    The Rev. Canon Dr. James M. McPherson 1 June 2017

    the Christmas infant bonny, undemanding,

    and serene – advertising's dream; nothing like

    the firebrand we felt compelled to quench more»
  • Cloister In The Heart

    Dr. Nicola Slee 1 June 2017

    ripples on the mere
    patterns in the sand
    circles in the grain
    cloister in the heart more»
  • Advent Hope

    The Ven. Dr. Ellen Clark-King 1 June 2017

    To be a mother of God - a calling for men as much as for women - is to allow ourselves to be open to the life-changing grace of God finding a home in us. more»
  • Nativity

    The Rev. John Fairbrother 24 December 2016

    A birth confounding will to power:
    Innocent hope as ever sought... more»
  • The Maji and the moon

    Tess Ashton 23 December 2016

    tonight there's a moon
    with advent appeal
    it has a
    wondrous roundness
    and a pale golden feel...
  • two kings and two kingdoms

    Dr. Sarah Harris 22 December 2016

    Herod the Great excelled at grand designs. He built monuments to himself and to stroke the ego of the Emporer... more»
  • Mappa Mundi

    The Rev. Rachel Mann 21 December 2016

    Elsewhere a king is fed grapes,
    fat as globes, wondering how
    it would feel to swallow
    the world in a single gulp. more»
  • Dr. Julie Thorpe 20 December 2016

    This time she set out
    at dusk, wondering how
    every tree seemed to have fallen
    across her path. more»
  • O antiphon for those who fear

    The Rev. Maren Tirabassi 19 December 2016

    We fear terrorism, injustice, war,
    and global warming,
    guns in the hands of the unstable,
    and we correctly fear angels who invite us
    to choose to make a difference. more»
  • Testament of Whispering Hope

    The Rev. Gayanne Frater 18 December 2016

     “I’m just can’t drum up any enthusiasm for Christmas,” the nurse at the doctor’s surgery said, as did the Warehouse shop assistant. “Me too,” the more»
  • The Rev. Dr. Michael Trainor 16 December 2016

    Advent invites us to prepare for the birth of Earth's child... more»
  • Break your heart open in love for the world

    The Very Rev. Andrew Norton 15 December 2016

    Notice what is happening in your own heart; is it numb? Unable to feel? Gripped with fear or moved with compassion? more»
  • The Least Expected Advent

    The Rev. Erice Fairbrother 14 December 2016

    Running along the marine parade
    Riding into the wind to work
    And later
    Holding wine cupped in the hand
    In late sun... more»
  • Pohutukawa - The Place of Leaping

    The Rev. Dr. Hilary Oxford Smith 12 December 2016

    Beauty blossoms the landscape
    of the bare heart
    warming it like the breath of creatures... more»
  • Advent Biscuits

    Dr. Julie Thorpe 10 December 2016

    My host-mother handed on a recipe
    so I would learn kitchen-words
    by heart. more»
  • John

    Pat Marsh 9 December 2016

    as his silence sunk deeper
    but his loving grew tender...
  • Raising the Dead

    The Rev. Dr. Paul McKeown 7 December 2016

    Evasive snoozing
    within my duvet cocoon... more»
  • Sssssh!

    Andrew Graystone 4 December 2016

    Last year I was diagnosed with a tumour affecting the balance centre of my left ear. It gives me no symptoms at the moment, except that it presses on the nerves that control my hearing. As a result I have a constant noise in my head, reminding me of the cicadas of Vaughan Park. more»
  • The Word, 'Change'

    The Rev. Dr. Daniel Muñoz 2 December 2016

    ...the most challenging invitation of this season is twofold: to live in the present and to embrace change. That is, to drink from the sources of deep ancient wisdom able to transform us more and more into the likeness of Christ, into the likeness of God. more»
  • Advent and Waiting

    The Rev. Dr. Michael Trainor 1 December 2016

    Our lives are all about waiting.
    These times invite us into patience.
  • The Rev. Canon Dr. Mark Pryce 30 December 2014

    This poem celebrates the perseverance and patience of Joseph - carpenter, husband of Mary and guardian of Jesus. With persistent obedience and care he takes on each tricky task in fulfilling his role more»