Holy Week and Easter Reflections and Resources

1 June 2017

  • The Rev. Dr. Hilary Oxford Smith 1 June 2017

    We find ourselves with Mary, the mother of Jesus and others who loved him, in a place of many overwhelmings this day... more»
    Holy Saturday
  • Ana Lisa de Jong 16 April 2017

    'The sun shines on the place
    where I lay.
    The silence of Sunday morning,
    only broken by bird song... more»
    Let Me Rise
  • The Rev. Erice Fairbrother 14 April 2017

    In dark places
    Lost places
    Condemned places... more»
    Simon and Veronica
  • Pat Marsh 13 April 2017

    He talked about it often enough,
    tried to forewarn us
    of what was about to happen.... more»
    Holy Thursday: A Trilogy
  • The Rev. John Fairbrother 12 April 2017

    A strange name to mark
    this holiday embrace.
    A name no more, no less,...
  • Vinita Hampton Wright 11 April 2017

    Holy Week is a solemn week of extra prayer and fasting. It involves the Triduum: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil. During those three days we recall—and through our prayer more»
    How to Do Holy Week
  • The Rev. Dr. Rebecca Button Prichard 10 April 2017

    North, South, East, or West, Holy Week is a remembering of Jesus' upside down kingdom. more»
    Upside Down Kingdom
  • The Rev. Maren Tirabassi 9 April 2017

    First, untie the donkey
    the one that's standing at the gate
    waiting to be untied - more»
    Palm Sunday   A detail of the story
  • The Rev. Erice Fairbrother 20 March 2015

    We thought we were on the winning side
    But not one of us cried
    Like this criminal – remember me more»