The Rev. Dr. Hilary Oxford Smith

25 September 2016


A holy place.

In communion with the saints
of heaven and earth
and generations of people
who have lived and loved,
prayed and suffered,
danced and sang.

With the storms of the mountains
and the flowers of the valleys;
with the voices of birds
and the ebb and flow
of moons and tides;
with the warmth of sunlight
and the music of rain

to the farthest limits of the sea
where elemental stark beauty
Air: the breath of God
Water: the life and tears of the Earth
Fire: the hearth of the Spirit
Stone: the tabernacle of memory.

Pale sand
jewelled with green chalcedony.
Shells of pink
patterned with footsteps of time.
Irish Lady’s Tresses,
Orchids and Yellow Rattle
carpet the greening machair.
Ivy-leafed toadflax grows
in stone crevices.

Hear the first sound of creation
once more.
The beating heart of God
the ancient rhythm of the earth.
New birthings
new peace.

Under the wings of
sea eagles and kittiwakes
you will be sheltered
from the unbridled wind.

Carved stone crosses
Silent guardians of the eternal,
of the living presence who is Love
will strengthen you.

Creative threads
weaving a story.

Come to the sacred land of Ì Cholaim Chille.


©Hilary Oxford Smith
from ‘The Coracle and The Dove’.

Image: Sunrise on Iona, July 2015   Hilary Oxford Smith