Circus Maximus - Palm Sunday

The Rev. Canon Dr. James M. McPherson


The troupe’s bravura sets us all on edge

and holds us captive to our fear of death;

we’re pinned, white-knuckled, clinging to our seats:

can’t bear to watch, can’t bear to look away.

The clowns invite us to a different world,

beyond the tyranny of mortal dread;

unfazed by failure, circumstance or death

they bumble, stumble, fall, and rise again.

Like Keaton’s Saphead, Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp,

and Tank Man, silent at Tiananmen;

like Laurence with his “treasures of the Church”

and Jesus with his parody parade;

such wacky wisdom stuns the worldly-wise

who rule by death because the dead don't rise.


© the Revd Jim McPherson