The Rev. Iain Gow

9 February 2016

The Rev. Iain Gow
  • 9 February 2016

    Both times I have travelled the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, I have become aware of the importance of gratefulness, the need to consciously be thankful for all the good, all the blessings I receive that comes each day my way. more»
  • 12 February 2016

    Now I am not a believer that the Sabbath principle means it has to be Sunday, but I do believe it is an important principle to leading a sustainable life. more»
    Living the Sustainable Life!
  • 13 March 2016

    My understanding of Jesus' life in contrast is 'be open to the wounds of humanity', and even more than that 'be open to being wounded by humanity's agony for in that you will become more fully human'. more»
    The I and Thou of Caring