Editorial Guidelines

29 October 2013

We welcome submissions to Moments and our Editor is happy to talk with writers and poets who would like to explore the possibility of sharing their work with our readers.

Although we cannot guarantee that material will be included on the page, our editorial team tries to work in a spirit of co-operation and collaboration with contributors.

Vaughan Park is a non-profit organisation and we appreciate the generosity of writers and poets who allow us to present their work on Moments without fee. Full credit is given to them and they retain copyright of their work.

How to submit your writing

Submissions should be no longer than a maximum length of 1000 words and in MS Word format. There may be times when we may need to work with you to edit your material to a suitable length and/or enhance it.

Original writing is preferred. If material from other sources is used, please attribute it clearly and where necessary, obtain written permission.

If you have previously published all or part of your original material, please include details. If you also intend to submit your contribution to other publications, please let us know.


Editor  Hilary Oxford Smith

Email  moments@vaughanpark.org.nz